The school follows an English medium syllabus for classes. The courses of study, framed by NCERT, at various levels are followed in the school. Classroom teaching is interactive and appropriately supported by teaching aids. Evaluation of a child is on a continuous and comprehensive basis with various activities forming part of the evaluation system.


PGM International School believes in holistic education. The school organises different co-curricular activities like art, craft for those who have flair for creativity; music and dance for performing artists; mehndi, rakhi, salad and drawing competitions for the artistically inclined and Science and General Knowledge quizes for the academically inclined. To develop social and cultural values among the students the school organises special assemblies and activities on various festivals and days of national and International importance. The school follows a carefully planned system of physical education comprising of games, races, yogasans, PT drills and march-past. Basic Karate skills are also imparted to all students of the school.