Academic Director's Profile

Academic Director's Profile

Ms. Geetika Gupta is a future oriented educationalist who believes in effective and quality education that keeps evolving with the changing times.

She took upon herself to fulfill the vision of her father-in-law to set up and run an institution that provided quality education, reaching out, even to the marginalized sections of the society. Thus, started Prabha Gyan Mandir in 1999 which was later rechristened as PGM International School.

She worked closely with the children from village background and ensured that the curriculum design suited the needs of the children in a way, that the learning process remained effective for them. The process involved intensive interaction with students, parents and brainstorming with the teachers to come up with strategies that would be effective in tackling the challenges of students, some of them being first generation learners.

She believes that learning is a never ending process, and so, she never misses an opportunity to hone up her skills as an educator. Adding knowledge and experience to her expertise, which she has gained from many workshops and seminars she has attended, along with the experience gathered from working on the ground with students, parents and teachers.

Her contribution and excellence in the field of education has been recognized by Rotary Club, IIA, IMA and other organizations of repute by way of awards and words of appreciation by teachers, students, parents, members of school fraternity and others.

Ms. Geetika Gupta
(Academic Director)
BA, B.Ed, M.Ed, MA English Literature